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IPMEurope aims at openness in its activities.
The roles and responsibilities of all those involved are presented below to facilitate the smooth running of the Network.

  1. Member
  2. Associate Member
  3. Steering Committee
  4. Chair
  5. Vice-Chair
  6. Secretary
  7. Membership
  Asian Farmers doing field work


Appointed by the Institution which is nominated by the Member State, with the power to delegate an alternate to attend meetings or participate in activities as appropriate. (Notional commitment 5-10 days per annum).
Note: initially the Institution was nominated by the INCO-DEV representative.

Members represent national interests in IPM-related development assistance in the European context, create awareness of existing national policy on IPM and promote the adoption of a coherent European approach to IPM policy and implementation. They raise national awareness of IPMEurope and its activities with the national donor agency through contact with its representatives on European research and development-related entities; and with the national scientific community.
Furthermore, they canvas for the entry and maintenance of relevant project data on the IPMEurope Project Databases (IPD) by national scientists and provide quality assurance through acting as the National Focal Point for IPD data collection and distribution.
IPMEurope Members should contribute periodic items of news or information to the Secretariat for posting on the website and provide a brief annual report to the Secretariat prior to the Annual Plenary Meeting (APM) and they contribute to the strategic planning of IPMEurope through participation in Annual Plenary Meetings and in TFs or Working Groups for particular initiatives within the members personal interests and experience.

Associate Members or Partners

Associates. Comprising representatives from different geographical and sectoral backgrounds who are interested in working with IPMEurope for any reason.

Steering Committee

Comprises: the Chair; Vice-Chair and 2 members, who are all elected, together with the Executive Secretary and the EC representative (observer). Those elected from amongst the members at the APM for a 3 year term of office. Turnover of one SC member each year. (Notional commitment 15 - 20 days per annum)

The SC should assist in the implementation and monitoring of the Annual Work Programme through participation in 2-3 SC meetings a year.
It provides ad-hoc advice and support to the Secretariat as required.

  • Take the lead in the main thrusts of IPMEurope activity (Information, Task Forces, etc.)
  • Represent IPMEurope as appropriate

Steering Committee 2006

  • Chair: Huub Stoetzer (IAC, Holland)
  • Vice Chair: Jozsef Kiss (Dpt. Plant Protection Szent Istvan University, Godolla, Hungary)
    Jean Louis Sarah (CIRAD, France)
    Nicola La Porta (Agricultural Institute San Michele, Italy)
    Stefan Wolny (Institute of Plant Protection, Poznan, Poland)


Participating institutions host the Group on an annually rotating basis and provide the Chair for this period. (Notional commitment 20 - 25 days per annum)

African farmers doing field work
  • Take the Chair of the APM after the introductory session at the commencement of the year of office
  • Maintain close contact with the Secretariat, providing strategic advice and guidance as necessary
  • Have oversight of the implementation of the annual work programme and chair Steering Committee meetings concerned with implementation and monitoring
  • Represent IPMEurope as necessary in European and International Fora concerned with pest management and act as signatory for official communications from the Group
  • Take responsibility for facilitating the arrangements for the APM (in liaison with the Secretariat) at the end of the term of office, normally in the country of the host institution, providing a Chairpersons Report during the introductory session
  • Relinquish the Chair at the end of the introductory session at the APM at the conclusion of the year of office.


Elected at the APM for a period of 12 months. (Notional commitment 15 - 20 days per annum)

  • Participate as a member of the Steering Committee (see, Steering Committee above)
  • Take over the roles of the Chair at meetings when the elected Chair is unable to attend (see Chair, above)
  • After the year of office, assume the responsibilities of the Chair (see Chair, above)


While the network was supported by European Commission, a Secreteriat was responsible for organization, coordination actions and administrative purposees. The secretariat was closed down by the end of June, but shall be reactivated as soon as new funds will have been made available.


Membership of the Network is straightforward. It comprises members, who are responsible for its overall organisation and associates or partners, who work on any activity, for whatever reason.

All EU Member and Associated States are represented on the Group through nationally nominated representatives from lead institutions involved in agricultural research or development in developing countries. Each member institution has responsibility for providing the link between research and development efforts at the national and European level. National level discussions are encouraged to develop appropriate mechanisms for this.

In order to broaden its scope, IPMEurope will open its membership to a wider range of institutions and organisations. Interested members of organisations and institutions within Europe will have the possibility to become an active member of the network if they are committed to the rules that are applied for present members as well.

Please click here to see the member list of IPMEurope.